DIY natural dry shampoo


Dry shampoo has recently become very popular in the beauty world. It’s not good to wash your hair every day or even every other day, so it’s very useful to have something which will help prolong the period between two washes. Dry shampoo is also a life saver on the days when we don’t have the time to wash our hair (young Mums and university students are very well acquainted with these situations), but still need to have a nice hairstyle. Some girls also use it on clean hair in order to get a bit more volume at the roots. Most of store-bought dry shampoos are in spray form and they’re overpriced - those right there are two things I don’t like. I don’t use products in aerosol cans because we inhale a lot of the spray when using that kind of hairspray/deodorant/dry shampoo, whether we realise it or not. And as a student I’m trying to save up on everything, so I don’t want to be spending money on a product I know I can make at home.

I don’t wash my hair every day - I’ve been using natural, sulfate-free shampoos for quite some time now, and at the moment I can go 4 days without washing my hair - but on the third day I usually like to use some dry shampoo. I also often have my hair in messy bun, which is another situation when this product comes in handy, because it also gives grip and texture to the hair. As you’ve probably realised from the title, this is going to be a post about how to make dry shampoo at home. Easy, cheap, and definitely as effective as the popular Batiste.


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